Good advice from your own attorney.
It is not easy to find an attorney that possesses all the important characteristics of a great attorney: splendid skills and a great commitment. An attorney who gives you the warm feeling of a case that is being handled very well and who has the ability to cut to the chase.

I am an attorney myself in daily life, but in a different field and in Laura Boomsma, who deals with family affairs in Amsterdam, I have found an excellent attorney.

From the start she immediately jumps into all the crucial details with abandon, which are important when it comes down to it. For example when a judge overlooks some of these details in the record because he thinks they are not relevant for the hearing. In this case, you will definitely need a specialist like Ms Laura Boomsma, who brings every question into perspective and can adequately answer questions on the spot. She reveals herself as a worthy opponent for both judge and other attorney, verbally as well as substantively, and by doing this she is able to convince other involving parties.