On one side the divorce trajectory was an emotional period in which good agreements had to be made within a small time frame. Laura helped me exceptionally because she is involved, emphatic and and the same time she has a focus on the interest and goals to reach good agreements. Because of this I could continue to built on my own future and that of my children.

Laura is a very special divorce mediator: smart, fast and goal-oriented. Strict and businesslike where necessary, at the same time empathetic, flexible and intuitive. Within complex divorces, Laura is not only able to come up with creative and sustainable solutions that best serve both parties and the children involved, but also to get parties to go down that path despite themselves. Should you ever be looking for a mediator for a divorce with a lot of hassle in the undercurrent in which, for example, addiction problems play a role? Do yourself a favor and get Laura to sort out your divorce.

Laura Boomsma-Shriber guided and completed our divorce proceedings as a mediator in a formidable manner. She did this very professionally, thoughtfully and creatively with the necessary degree of patience.
This ultimately led to a parenting plan and covenant that both parties are happy with. I have greatly appreciated her empathy, flexibility, commitment and tireless efforts and I heartily recommend her to anyone looking for a mediator for a complex divorce.

I am grateful to have worked with Laura on the dissolution of my registered partnership. When I approached Laura, I was overwhelmed and emotionally depleted due to the power imbalance between my then-partner and I. Consistent with our first meeting, Laura made sure that I was heard every step of the way during the mediation process, and that I felt my concerns were adequately addressed before we proceeded on. Laura was sharp, fair, clear, and patient. I highly recommend her.

Laura is a highly qualified lawyer and she is also a mediator and coach and this is very useful especially in my situation which is very unclear at the moment.  In a certain way, the meeting with her inspired me.  Her empathic abilities are truly enormous and he always manages to hit the hot spot of the discussion. What really important and what really matters. 

She gave me very clear instructions and advice and guided me through a better understanding of my situation and of myself. Being very honest, sometimes very strict but she opened my eyes to a situation that I was highly underestimating. I would recommend Laura to everyone especially to expats who are living in the Netherlands. 

Given the situation and the failed mediation, I was actually done with it and ready for a legal battle in court. The other party was also involved. Laura is able to separate the side issues from the main issues throughout the entire process. In addition, Laura has been very clear in cause and effect. By that I mean what choices there are and the consequences that come with them. The goal very clear; working on a solution rather than further escalation. Laura has been able to convince several lawyers of the opposing party of the goal: the solution. This was achieved after a period of 4 years. Everything is settled; the separation agreement here in the Netherlands up to and including the transfer of ownership in France.

In addition to the business part in such a case, it is also important (for me) that there is a personal “click”. Laura is a warm and nice person. Tells the truth, even if you sometimes don’t want to hear it and, as said before, very clear in the choices to be made with the associated consequences. Laura will not decide for you, but will indicate very clearly what the choices are and the associated consequences. Laura’s commitment is 100%. A go-getter!!

Equally personal Laura; you are a great woman! I am very grateful for how you have dragged me through this process and the result; eventually complete the divorce without lawsuits

Laura has provided me with excellent guidance in dealing with parental relationships to find the best starting points for my son and myself in relation and relationship with the mother of my son. In particular, the emphasis on good preparation and attention to the underlying emotion and what that does was discussed in detail. This has led to an intrinsically different attitude in myself to come to solutions in which I could keep my son’s position central without completely losing sight of myself. The personal interaction with Laura means that my position taking has become much clearer and has also led to results.

It was a pleasure working with Laura. It was all very fast, informative, friendly with a good sense of empathy. They are a good team and I really recommend the service.

Working with Laura was a pleasure. She was informative, direct, friendly and really helped us when we needed to speed up the process. We are very grateful to her for that. Hester was of great help, always available, super friendly and ready to help out. I definitely recommend Laura, specially if you are feeling insecure about the process. They are a great team.

In the process of divorce, love and happiness all too quickly give way to disappointment and misunderstanding, where a lot of rationality is required. We were unable to resolve the matter and saw no other option to ask the judge for a ruling. He sent us back and that’s how we ended up with Laura. I still cannot fully interpret the process in which she preceded us, but she brought us to the best possible outcome for both of us, which I see as a great achievement and for which I am very grateful to her. I wish many others this guide on this difficult path!

I can recommend Laura to everyone! She assisted me for many years during a very difficult divorce. She works everything out down to the smallest detail, is powerful and razor sharp in the courtroom. At the same time she is very involved, compassionate and her sense of humor makes it easy for you to put situations into perspective. Last but not least: all cases won 🙂

Laura is a very professional, sharp and skilled mediator who is able to guide a difficult process in an exceptionally good way. Our divorce was very difficult, especially because I live abroad. Despite all the emotional, logistical and legal problems, Laura managed the process in a very good way. She has always had an eye for the interests of both parties and has always tried to find a solution together with the parties. The result was a solution with which both parties are satisfied.