Mediation & Law

For Ms Boomsma-Shriber, people are central to all her activities as a solicitor and mediator. The point of departure is always genuine interest in the situation of the client and other parties involved. As a solicitor specializing in personal, family and inheritance law, she uses her knowledge, experience, expertise and creativity to come up with the most suitable legal solutions for you.

Respectful and positive

Mediation is also an effective way to reach agreements or resolve a conflict with other parties. As a mediator, Ms Boomsma-Shriber is always neutral. She informs and represents the interests of all parties involved. In addition to practical matters, she also has an eye for emotions and other sensitive issues. By helping those involved to understand each other, it is possible to approach conflicts from an mature perspective. In this way, parties can resolve matters in a respectful and positive way and look to the future with confidence.

Mediation training

Ms Boomsma-Shriber combines her expertise as a mediator with extensive legal knowledge of family and inheritance law. She has followed various vFAS trainings, including the Legal Family Law training. She has also successfully completed the vFAS Mediation Training. In addition to being a divorce mediator, Ms Boomsma-Shriber is a certified estate mediator and is entered in the register of the Stichting Nachlatenschapsmediation. In addition, she is an accredited online mediator and is affiliated with the Association of Online Mediators. Ms Boomsma-Shriber is affiliated with the Mediation Bureau of the Court.

Online mediation

Ms Boomsma-Shriber has years of experience with online mediations via Skype. Even in special circumstances, such as during COVID-19, when social contacts remain limited and many people have been working from home, she can personally and expertly guide you online. Moreover, this form of mediation is very efficient and flexible.

The human side

In addition to her mediation courses, Ms Boomsma-Shriber has completed the Level I and II programmes of the Gottman method for relationship therapy. She is also a step-parent coach. Due to the combination of her expertise and experience, Ms Boomsma-Shriber offers you complete support with ample attention to the human side of the case. The scope of her work goes beyond support in the event of a divorce or other family issues. Also in the event of challenges after a divorce, such as a blended family or establishing a new relationship, Ms Boomsma provides personal support, for example, by drafting marital conditions or recording financial arrangements within a marriage.

Social legal assistance

Ms Boomsma-Shriber believes that everyone has the right to a chance to resolve family law issues in good consultation. That is why she also works as a mediator on a scaled-fee basis via the Legal Aid Council. In that case, people are charged a personal contribution that depends on the net income. After the scaled-fee has been granted, clients will also receive a discount on the filing fees. Furthermore, it is important to know that many legal aid insurance companies reimburse the costs of mediation through a certified mediator. In this way, people can divorce or find a suitable solution for problems at a lower cost through our office.

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