Alternative parenting

Are you having or do you have a child as a woman together with your female partner? Then it is important to settle a number of legal matters in a timely manner. This applies in particular if your child is conceived via a known sperm donor. By making clear agreements in advance, you prevent any future disputes. This is not only pleasant for you and your partner, but certainly in the best interests of your child. Ms L.I. Boomsma-Shriber specializes in the legal side of alternative parenting.

Co-mother legal parent & Partner adoption

With duo mothers, the biological mother is the legal mother. If the other mother, the co-mother, also wants to be a legal parent, the various possibilities depend on the circumstances. For example, whether there is a marriage between the mothers and whether there is an anonymous or a known donor. Partner adoption is also a possibility. Legal proceedings are required for this. Ms Boomsma-Shriber may submit a petition for partner adoption to the court even before your child is born.

It is important to think carefully even before the pregnancy about what you want and what the consequences may be. If the co-mother has already recognized the child, partner adoption is in principle no longer possible. If there is a known donor, it is important to make good agreements.

Condition and consequences

If the sperm donor is known, an important condition applies to partner adoption. It must be clear that your child cannot expect anything from the donor and that this man will not become a legal parent.