Terminating a relationship can be an emotional process. Much needs to be regulated, and the relationships are not always constructive. In that case, it is very pleasant and effective if you get support from an experienced solicitor or mediator. In both roles, Ms Boomsma-Shriber guides and arranges the complete divorce process.

Although the situation can sometimes create tensions, she is fully committed to finding a solution that is respectful and constructive for all involved. In this way, everyone can look to the future positively and with confidence.


When partners decide to break up, this is often a major event. Emotionally, divorce is comparable to a grieving process. In addition, former partners have many practical matters to handle. In this situation, professional guidance by an independent mediator is very pleasant. Ms Boomsma-Shriber will assist you as a mediator in the event of a divorce. Together with you, she tries to build a constructive relationship in order to reach realistic and feasible agreements together. With her guidance and coaching, you can conclude a difficult period positively. Once everything around the divorce, from dealing with the children to the finances, has been clearly documented, everyone can look ahead with confidence.


For a divorce or ending cohabitation, you can engage a solicitor. If you and your partner both engage a solicitor, Ms Boomsma-Shriber will arrange the divorce effectively and in good consultation with the other solicitor. If your partner does not choose a solicitor, you can make proposals for the divorce to your ex-partner via Ms Boomsma-Shriber. It is essential that you make agreements on distribution and settlement, and alimony.

In the case of children, the parenting plan and child support also receive ample attention. We record all the agreements made in a divorce agreement. Ultimately, the divorce is pronounced by the court. You and your ex-partner can then start a next phase with a positive feeling.