A death in the family often has a huge impact. In addition to the grief over the loss of a family member, the careful handling of the estate also requires a lot of attention. Especially in an emotional time, careful and expert guidance is pleasant and necessary. As an inheritance specialist and estate mediator, Ms Boomsma Shriber manages both the legal and psychological and emotional aspects. In this way, you and your family members have the space to process the loss as well as possible.

Talk and consider in a timely manner

Inheritance goes far beyond dealing with issues related to the death of a loved one. It is precisely by thinking about the handling of an estate in a timely manner that you prevent conflicts in the future. Ms Boomsma-Shriber guides you and your family in the pre-inheritance process. In a personal family process, she uses her knowledge and experience in finding suitable solutions for inheritance and financial matters relating to your death. To do so, she combines her experience as mediator and solicitor and works closely with an estate planner and a civil-law notary. You can thus be sure that all aspects of your estate are in order and that your relatives are directly involved and fully informed.

Estate mediator

As certified estate mediator, Ms Boomsma-Shriber guides you in the preparation and settlement of an estate. She focuses on all the issues that can arise within a family and always pays attention to the legal, psychological and emotional aspects of the case. By discussing difficult issues, you can manage the estate in a balanced way. This ensures the inheritance process is completed with broad support and allows you and your family members to resume your lives well.

Inheritance law

If someone from your family dies, you have to deal with inheritance law. Even in a time when emotions can run high, you have to handle all sorts of practical matters. As a vFAS inheritance law specialist, Ms Boomsma-Shriber has the expertise and experience to guide and advise you and your family members well in a customized way. She helps you to arrange the estate effectively and with an eye for possible sensitive issues. Based on her extensive experience, Ms Boomsma-Shriber handles all aspects of (international) inheritance law: from the distribution and settlement of inheritances to the appointment of liquidators and the resolution of problems with executors. You can thus be sure that the estate will be settled quickly.

Mediation with heirs

An inheritance regularly creates conflicts within families, especially if there are several heirs. All the heirs must agree to a decision on the inheritance. In addition, in many families, unspoken matters or other difficulties play a major role. As certified estate mediator, Ms Boomsma-Shriber is exceptionally capable of identifying and discussing these aspects. Together with the heirs, she works on a basis of trust, where all involved work diligently and efficiently on a solution with broad support from the family.

Indefeasible interest

Parents can disinherit their children. If this happens, you will always be entitled to a portion of the assets from your parents’ estate. This ‘indefeasible interest’ can only consist of money, not goods. The amount to which you are entitled is equal to half the value of the inheritance you would receive if you were not disinherited. In order to receive the indefeasible interest, you must claim it. Ms Boomsma-Shriber can handle this for you.

Step-parent hazard

If one of your parents dies, goods first go to the surviving spouse under the new inheritance law (2003). But if this surviving spouse is a new partner, you can claim your right of will. In that case, other rules apply. If you would like to know whether this also applies to you, please contact Ms Boomsma-Shriber.

Do you have inheritance-related questions? Please contact Ms Boomsma-Shriber for information and advice.