Donor agreement

Anonymous or known donor

An anonymous donor has fewer rights than a known donor: he cannot demand to become a legal parent. However, his data must be available so that your child can find out who the father is from the age of 12. With a known donor, the rights are different. Visitation and child support can then also play a role. You make agreements about this with the donor and record them in a donor agreement. Drawing up this agreement is customized. Ms L.I. Boomsma-Shriber handles this for a fixed, attractive price. Please feel free to contact us for this.

Modifying a donor agreement

Do you already have a donor agreement? If your circumstances or those of the donor change, it is wise to adjust the agreement. Examples are a relocation, which affects the visitation schedule. Or a change in income, which requires a revision of child support. If you change the agreement on time and make agreements that both parties support, you increase the chance of a harmonious situation. Please contact Ms L.I. Boomsma-Shriber for changing your donor agreement for a fixed, attractive price.