First conversation

It is a good fit?

Is it a good fit, or not? If it is not a good fit, or you do not want to go any further for whatever reason, then you say farewell within the first half hour. You will not be billed for this.

It is important that you feel and trust that your issue is handled in an expert and personal way. What is important here is the ‘fit’. After all, every solicitor has their own style. Ms Boomsma-Shriber is therefore happy to make time for a first personal telephone conversation with you. After this conversation, an appointment is scheduled at the offices of Ms Boomsma-Shriber.


During the telephone conversation, Ms Boomsma-Shriber is also happy to tell you more about the rates. A solicitor’s services cost money. Your interests are clearly considered here: a prolonged, very expensive case is certainly not the starting point. Ms Boomsma-Shriber does strive for the highest achievable result within the best possible time frame. She always keeps a clear eye on costs and benefits at every step to be taken.

Would you like to know what Ms Boomsma-Shriber can do for you? Please contact us for a telephone conversation.