MR. T. L.

Given the situation and the failed mediation, I was actually done with it and ready for a legal battle in court. The other party was also involved. Laura is able to separate the side issues from the main issues throughout the entire process. In addition, Laura has been very clear in cause and effect. By that I mean what choices there are and the consequences that come with them. The goal very clear; working on a solution rather than further escalation. Laura has been able to convince several lawyers of the opposing party of the goal: the solution. This was achieved after a period of 4 years. Everything is settled; the separation agreement here in the Netherlands up to and including the transfer of ownership in France.

In addition to the business part in such a case, it is also important (for me) that there is a personal “click”. Laura is a warm and nice person. Tells the truth, even if you sometimes don’t want to hear it and, as said before, very clear in the choices to be made with the associated consequences. Laura will not decide for you, but will indicate very clearly what the choices are and the associated consequences. Laura’s commitment is 100%. A go-getter!!

Equally personal Laura; you are a great woman! I am very grateful for how you have dragged me through this process and the result; eventually complete the divorce without lawsuits