I was very overwhelmed by the divorce my ex filed for, and Laura has directly acted pragmatic to get the best and most realistic result possible. Besides that, Laura stood by me perfectly during this process, personal as well as professional, trying to make the best decisions.

Laura has a broad knowledge which makes her able to help people on a juridical base during a divorce. In the complexity of this process, filled with juridical and fiscal aspects, she came to the optimal conclusion very clearly and with full commitment. She digs into the record and work closely together to get to a successful outcome and a new start.

Her expertise and personality made me feel supported and gave me the security we tackled this case as a team, fighting every battle that comes with a divorce. Laura helped me a great way. During the process I got to know Laura as very committed and eager no-nonsense attorney with an eye for personal aspects. A divorce is not a simple thing. With the support Laura gave me I got through the trial properly.