Separating is already painful enough. If next to that there is no possibility to talk or communicate with your ex-partner, it is extra difficult. In my case there even was domestic violence, stalking and threatening involved. Without the help of Ms. Boomsma-Shriber I would not have been able to get through this.

Besides proper juridical advise, which was an enormous help in this complex case, it was mostly the personal help and support I received what helped me. For example, she advised me to take all my personal belongings out of the house immediately, not to focus on how we would divide furniture and tableware and she told me give up the dogs. All these things would give me peace and rest and most of all would minimalize contact, to prevent future fights. This was hard to do, but it was the best option in my case.

The control of the costs and the prevention of a further procedure were the guiding principles, besides all the advices I was provided with. This was new and refreshing to me and not something I had expected beforehand.

Four months after our first meeting, my case was closed. We sold the house, in good consultation with my ex-partner, the capital gain and the inventory were spit and we eliminated all future contact. Of course I am emotionally very damaged, but this is the best outcome I could have wished for.