MR N. S.

Laura hates to prosecute so do not show up with nonsense of bullying your ex. But if it’s necessary, she will fight like a lion.

A big selling point of Laura is that she is very smart, she writes subtle and sharp, without getting tacky. She gives you a wake up call when you’re being naïve or stupid.

Unfortunately, prosecuting can take quite a long time. Things you do or write can have a big impact, even years later. Laura is a couch in this process so she makes sure you do and document the right things and she prevents you from acting emotionally. Never lose the fact that you are a good father, how small your roll may be, out of sight. There is room for more. Believe it, do it and don’t give up! Your child needs you.

Laura helped me to keep my child in the Netherlands, get good agreements regarding healthcare (at a very young age) which resulted in co-parenting during the last hearing. Fact is, Laura is a very good mother herself so she helps you not letting the reality slip out of sight. Tips and tricks how to arrange things at school, day care and create a network. That kind of stuff. What roll can you keep? How do you stay relevant for your child?

In court she takes includes formulations from the child itself, so all the present paralegals and judges receive a accurate image of the situation, seen from the child’s point of view. Polite, involved and strategic.

So, if it is needed, she will do everything in her power. Legal opinions, small-claims, Spanish paralegals, official translation, travelling agreements, police, Child Protective Services, doctors, you name it. If it’s possible always without prosecuting.

Laura grew up with a father who was a psychiatrist. This contributes, in my opinion, to her ability to get into the minds of the opposite party. And if you are not okay, she won’t hesitate to tell you. You can better have her on your side, because if she is against you that will be an enormous problem.

Laura is supported by a fantastic office manager; Hester. Together they form a warm and loving team, full of passion for you case.