Yesterday I had the honor to be interviewed by newspaper the Algemeen Dagblad about the options and possibilities to divorce if you have been diagnosed with dementia or your partner is. From the reactions it shows that the opinions and emotions about this topic are diverse. In mediation, or dialogues that partners can have through “Money Talks” with us during their relationship you can discuss these kind of topics and document how you would like to deal with them together. Also the larger system of children and family could be involved in this. This way people are not so surprises or overwhelmed and it provides clarity for children and family what the couple involved thought was important to them.

This is also a good moment to discuss other subject, which could be included in a live testament, or a last will. Also it could be a good opportunity to agree to nuptial agreements or change them, or all ready gift the children some assets and do some estate planning. We from MoneyTalks believe in the importantance of having the dialogue, also with regard to these kind of topics you might would preferably avoid.