The office that brings mediation and law together

Divorce can be a difficult process. Especially when it comes to children, work and income. All these topics require a balanced solution with clear agreements. Being and staying in communication is often a challenge. Through my years of experience as a divorce solicitor and mediator, I help people enter into dialogue. This then creates space for solutions.


With a personal approach and targeted interventions, I offer people the tools to reach solutions together. Even if you are not remaining together. This way, people come through a complicated phase with confidence. The result is a realistic solution with which everyone can move forwar

When it comes to family law issues, every situation is different. Each family deserves its own approach. This also applies for expats. As a family law and collaborative divorce solicitor and mediator, I advise clients professionally and personally. Due to my profession, I have a large toolbox for this. Both in the field of law and in the field of (online) mediation and coaching. With a combination of professional knowledge, creativity and perseverance, we achieve a concrete and sustainable result for every conflict. If necessary, in collaboration with other specialists. A personal and pragmatic, solution-oriented approach, engaging in dialogue and avoiding unnecessary damage are the most important pillars.
Together, we achieve a practical and broadly supported result.

Quality: vFAS

Ms Boomsma-Shriber is affiliated with the Dutch Association of Family and Inheritance Law Solicitors Divorce Mediators, vFAS, as a member-divorce mediator. She followed the Legal Family Law Training, the Legal Specialization Inheritance Law Training, the vFAS Mediation Training and the Divorce Mediator Training.

Collaborative Divorce

Ms Boomsma-Shriber is a Collaborative Divorce solicitor. She is a member of the Association for Collaborative Professionals, VvCP. This association promotes the quality of professionals who resolve and prevent conflicts in consultation and dialogue. Within the association, Ms Boomsma-Shriber is a member of the PR committee and active in the Randstad practice group.

Getting acquainted

When you need us, something needs to be resolved. That is why it is important that you feel that we can help you further in an expert, effective and personal way. A good fit is indispensable for you and for us. Before we get to work for you, we would like to get to know you in a telephone conversation. If we both experience this positively, we are happy to make further arrangements to help you.

Client experiences

Laura Boomsma-Shriber and I worked very closely together for nearly 3 years because of a very bad divorce in which small children were also involved. Laura has a good memory, is knowledgeable and is very intelligent.

I highly recommend Laura. She is very professional with a knowledge of the business, extremely creative, passionate about the business and the client. I am always informed in detail about the (lack of) possibilities, which gave me a lot of peace during a difficult period.

The life of an expat can have a big impact on a relationship. You have to keep working on each other and on your life. If you cannot reach a solution together…

…then everything must be well arranged. And always with an eye for the right legal context. As mediator, solicitor and coach, Ms Boomsma-Shriber has been guiding expats for years with legal advice and mediation. She also has an extensive network of experts who can support her effectively.